The current global situation, which has affected everyone, has prompted us to make many changes. One of these is the obligation to wear masks.

From the small changes associated with changing daily habits to the larger ones associated with transforming the functioning of society. Activity in online channels, which have become the main form of contact with customers, has also gained the most popularity. The obligation to wear masks, which came into force on 16 April 2020, prompted us to make use of the potential of the napkin.

Masks have become an integral part of everyday life. As a company that, among other things, supplies the hotel and catering industry, we offer a wide range of designs and colours of interlining napkins. Hence the idea of a mask made from a napkin. Making such a mask is extremely simple and takes less than a minute. All you need is a napkin and two rubber bands. Full video instructions have been uploaded to our YouTube channel (link below). Such a mask is, above all, quick and easy to make, but at the same time provides excellent protection and has filtering properties. Napkins, which can be used to make masks, are available in the online shop Thanks to the wide range of colours available, our masks do not have to be boring; they can be an element which harmonises with our everyday styling. One pack of napkins is enough to make about 25 masks. What’s more, this solution is much more convenient, as the napkin does not take up much space in your handbag, backpack or pocket. By having it with us at all times, no situation will surprise us.

In summary, you can quickly and easily make a protective mask for yourself and your loved ones from an interlining napkin.

How do you make a mask from a napkin? See the tutorial!