Paper shavings with aXonnite® Silver biocidal coating. Probably the only such product in the world with a three-dimensional biocidal effect – now within your reach.

The combination of the functionality and beauty of our filling paper shavings and the use of the aXonnite® silver-based coating has resulted in a unique product for packaging and safe filling of parcels. Above all, the paper shavings provide excellent protection and cushioning for the packaged products during shipping. It now also provides protection against bacteria and viruses that may accumulate inside a packaged parcel. A wide range of colours makes it possible to match the colour of the filling to the products being packed. The parcel filler is 100% eco-friendly. In addition, it is reusable and thus supports a zero waste policy.

Paper shavings are a product that not only provides maximum protection for packaged products, but also enhances their beauty thanks to its fancy structure. Furthermore, the filling is available in two widths and two types of twists.

How is our unique product created?

The paper shavings we produce are coated with aXonnite® Silver during the production process using a special technology, which gives them additional functionality.

Do you want to take care of the safety of your products with us? Check out our offer!

Paper shavings with aXonnite® Silver biocidal coating.