Research and development

Rbeco®’s research efforts are focussed on reducing the packaging industry’s negative impact on the environment.

The solutions our company is working on are aimed at replacing commonly used plastic packaging and, in response to new threats, introducing products that ensure the microbiological safety of consumers.

Rbeco® is currently working on:

  • Application of BIO-coated papers in many branches of the packaging industry
  • Introduction of innovative fully biodegradable catering packaging
  • The technology of coating papers with environmentally friendly substances which also provide properties hitherto achieved by polymer-coated papers
  • Technology to ensure microbiological purity of coated packaging using aXonnite® technology

You can also use aXonnite® technology for disinfecting surfaces and protecting yourself and your family against viruses and bacteria.

Try aXonnite® technology for surface disinfection and anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection for you and your family.

Exclusive decorations and printed napkins
aXonnite Silver disinfectant

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