Silk paper

This product, Silk Paper, is widely used for decorative purposes. Thanks to their delicate structure and non-discolouring properties, they are dedicated to customers from the cosmetic, floral, clothing and wine industries, etc. We offer 60 unique colours. We offer rice paper in sheets of 500 × 750 mm.

We can print on the paper on individual request.


Silk paper/ Industrial papers / Food papers


Religious paper (28-70 gsm)

Publishing paper (28-220 gsm)

 Pharma papers (29-60 gsm)

Fashion papers (17-50 gsm)

Sublimation papers  (18-39 gsm)

Food papers (17-120 gsm)

Luxury papers (27-240 gsm)

Security papers (80-100 gsm)


Silk paper

Silk paper